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Episode 588: My Only Wish This Year

"Itís good to see you, son," Sebastianís father, Phillip said, looking up from his work the moment Bas slumped into his office.

Sebastian simply nodded and turned his back, pretending to study the contents of the shelves. It wasnít good to see his father. He wasnít really in the mood to see anyone of late. Not even Ava. He was only here with his dad because heíd been summoned and couldnít really refuse; he owed his father.

"I had hoped to see you at Thanksgiving. Your mother and sister would have appreciated it."

Bas winced at the mention of that day. The reason he didnít want to see anyone. "You know why I wasnít there."

"Considering sheís about to become a part of our family, isnít it time that you encourage her to get over whatever issues she had with my dealings in the past."

"Donít count on it. I couldnít even encourage her to marry me."

"What? You offered her that ring, and the Marques name and she turned you down? Whatís wrong with the girl?"

Unlike his father, Sebastian assumed he was the problem. He was the reason she needed to think. She still wasnít sure about him. Sheíd been sure about a recovering addict with an extremely checkered past, but she wasnít sure about him. And he didnít know how to convince her. That was all he thought about now. How he might persuade her to say yes.

It was all he thought about as he returned home, until Ava cleared her throat, and pulled him into the moment. She kissed the corner of his mouth and said, "Happy Thanksgiving."

Sebastian blinked, only then noticing the aromas in the air and the feast on the table, complete with candlelight. "Itís Thanksgiving. Again?" He swallowed hard. The first go round had been trauma enough, though he knew traumatizing him wasnít Avaís intention now, any more than it had been then. "Thanks for doing this. I do love Thanksgiving food, but honestly I donít have much of an appetite."

"Maybe because thereís a question youíre burning to ask me?" Ava prompted.

"Seriously?" His pulse thundered. He prayed it wasnít a misunderstanding.

"When you asked me the first time, it scared me, the last guy who asked failed to show up for our wedding. Iíve kind of been freaking out that this was the beginning of the end for us. But now that Iíve had time, I think youíll like my answer better, that is," she gave him a wobbly smile, if you want to ask me again."

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