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Episode 589: Christmastime Is Here

"Merry Christmas." Cal smiled so big it hurt, in a good way. He hadn’t expected to see anyone over the holidays, least of all his daughter, on Christmas Eve.

"Could I come in for a minute?"

"Oh, right, yes, definitely." He stepped aside and closed the door after her. He hadn’t meant to be rude; he was just so stunned to have his girl, here, in his home.

"I brought you a little something; it’s just fudge with coconut and cherries." She thrust a tin at him; it was white with red ribbon wrapped around it.

Cal blinked. His throat grew very tight. He hugged the tin like a kid with a teddy bear. "This is a Christmas gift? For me?"

Ava stilled, and then nodded. "A Christmas gift and a thank you for meeting me for coffee last week. You helped me decide what to do."

Cal noticed the diamond on her finger. "I didn’t tell you to marry him." He didn’t want credit when it went haywire.

"I know you still have your reservations about Sebastian, but you just sat there and let me talk." More like he’d bitten his tongue to the point of bleeding. "That was what I needed, so thank you, and Merry Christmas."

"I wish I’d known you’d want to see me, that I wouldn’t be overstepping if I bought you something. I don’t have anything."

"Not even a tree." Ava frowned. "We need to do something about that."

"It’s Christmas Eve, shouldn’t you have finished that by now," Adria said, as ever feeling both at home and uncomfortable as she settled in her former living room to study.

Ryley followed her gaze to the less than half-decorated tree. He shrugged and looked at her. "I couldn’t get into celebrating without you. My heart wasn’t in it."

With their boys asleep, there was nothing for Bowie and Lila to do but turn in as well and wait for the kids to start ripping into their presents in the morning. However, neither Bowie, nor Lila had slept well for quite some time. Bowie couldn’t help wondering if she’d find a wealthier man and leave him. Lila couldn’t help wondering if he’d find a more seemingly selfless woman and leave her. Therefore, they lay awake when the clock slipped past midnight and their eyes touched. They hadn’t touched in a very long time.

Episode 590: When Christmas Comes

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