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Episode 581: A Matter Of Trust

Calvin cleared his throat, thinking what a beautiful day it would be if ever he approached his daughter without feeling like a bundle of nerves. What he wouldn’t give for things to be as easy between them as they might have been had he held his little girl on day one.

It was times like this, when even though he still loved the woman, it was hard not to hate Sarette. She’d robbed him of knowing his child; of being able to express his love and concern for her without having to worry that whatever he said or did would result in her pushing him completely away.

Avalon cleared her throat, too. She smiled. But it wasn’t like the smiles he’d seen her flash on friends, or Sebastian Marques. This one required effort.

"Can I help you with something?" Ava asked, as if he was no different from any other customer. It wounded, even though he knew that wasn’t her intention. She just didn’t know what to do with him. She was raised thinking he hadn’t wanted her. And now, she was past the age of believing she needed a father.

"Um, yeah," his eyes scrambled for something, anything to prolong his time with her and delay the discussion he needed to have with her. "Is this any good?" Without really looking, he plucked a book from the edge of the counter and handed it to her.

"I’m sure you’d love it," Ava said, "if you were a twelve year old girl."

He winced. "I guess the pink cover should have tipped me off."

"I guess." His daughter came out from behind the counter, put the book away, and turned to him, arms crossed.

"Maybe we could go somewhere private to talk," he swallowed hard and swore he sweat less as a pro athlete than he did in his new career as a father.

For a moment, Ava seemed determined to refuse him, but she gave a short nod, gestured for someone else to take her place behind the counter and led him into a stockroom where she proceeded to throw all her attention into organizing stacks of books.

Cal took a deep breath; still he cringed as he spoke. "I know you’re a grown woman and maybe your life is none of my business at this point, but I have to say this, I don’t think you should trust Sebastian."

Episode 582: Big Girl

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