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Episode 582: Big Girl

Avalon stiffened from head to toe. "Iíd like you to leave." Only a moment before sheíd told herself to grow up. To stop being the little girl, hurt that he hadnít been around. Forgive the absence that hadnít been his choice.

He reached out and placed a large hand on her shoulder, his touch as strong and consoling as that hurt little girl had always dreamed a fatherís touch would be.

She ripped away from him.

She wasnít a little girl. She had grown up. Without him. Calvin Baird wasnít her family. Sebastian Marques was. "Youíre right; my life is none of your business. I wonít stand by and listen to you insult Sebastian." She folded her arms and glared and glared at her father.

He didnít shrink away. He didnít go anywhere. He just looked sad. And concerned for her. He looked so much like a dad should.

"You donít know Sebastian," she said, her voice softening.

"Enlighten me, then, please, Ava. I know Iím here way too late in the game. I wasnít there when you scraped your knees or when you lost MaryÖ your mom. Itís hard for you to think of me as your dad. But I canít stop thinking of you as my daughter. I canít stop wondering if youíre okay, wanting to protect my little girl from anything or anyone that might hurt you."

He waited for her to say something but it was a long struggle to form words when his were striking such a chord. Calvin nodded. He leaned in almost as if he might drop a parting kiss on her forehead, only to turn away. "If you ever need anything, big or small, donít hesitate, there wonít be any lectures, just a hug orÖ"

He was one step from walking out the door.

"Sebastian has been selfish and careless and not there when Iíve needed him," Ava quietly, urgently admitted.

Her father returned to her. She saw in his expression a war between the relief of her confiding in him, and the distress over what sheíd just said. "Youíre not improving my opinion on the guy. You know, I have plenty of room in my house if you-"

"He is those things, heís capable of hurting me without really understanding what heís doing until after itís done. Thatís one side of his story. Itís true, but there are other truths, good ones. Reasons Iíve grown to love and trust him. Like how he risked me hating him forever and he went to look for you, because he thought I needed my dad. And I donít know," she hugged her sides nervously, "maybe he was right."

Episode 583: Somebody To Love

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