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Episode Fifty-Eight: Out Of The Blue

"Are you warm enough? I could get you another blanket," Avalon offered.

"I feel foolish enough sitting out here on such a sunny day with this big old comforter wrapped around me, now honey would you please sit down and tell me whatís running through your mind before you make both of us dizzy." Her mother ordered and the dark haired girl promptly sat, though her legs kept swinging.

"Sometimes you look so healthy I can almost forget, I feel kind of guilty," Ava began.

"Well, thatís good, forget, go out to a movie- a scandalous one," Mary suggested.

Ava scratched at a mosquito bite on her leg until it bled and she pushed her thumb against it. "Did my father let himself forget or didnít you tell him?"

This was the question so long in the making that Mary had let herself assume the day would never come. Sheíd always been such a straightforward; all cards on the table girl when it came to everything other than her father and Mary wanted to keep it that way.

"Is it my pills or have I been hearing a car every night when you get home lately?"

Her pills, well, message sent loud and clear. "Thereís this guy," Ava said her eyes drifting skyward. "I wonít let him give me a ride, so sometimes he drives beside me, I guess heís trying to make sure I get home safe, but knowing him-"

Mary leaned forward, alarmed. "Do you want him to stop?"

Ava muttered no before filling her mouth with coffee. Her motherís face lit up, "Should I meet this nameless wonder?"

Fifty-Nine: Whatever You Say

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