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Episode 570: Unfinished

"Heís not a stranger," Michael said, her voice calming in direct correlation with the calming of their little girl in her arms. "He was there the day Hope was born. Paul is a Jordan, and Lucyís friend, remember?"

Curran remembered exactly how friendly Paul and Lucy had once been. He feigned a lapse in memory, twitched his brows a little as if it all just came back to him in the moment. "Thatís right." He snapped his fingers harder than necessary in Paulís startled face. The face that stared too much at Hope. "Sorry about that." He gave the younger manís shoulder a smack.

"No problem," Paul said, giving Curranís shoulder a smack in return.

It was all Curran could do to restrain himself from engaging the other man in a knockdown drag him the hell out of their house, and so far away from their lives that he may as well have a view of them from the moon.

However, knowing Michael would not take kindly to his pulverizing Lucyís "friend," Curran instead collected their daughter into his arms. "Iím sorrier than anything that I scared you, cutie." He smiled at her, and his heart sang in relief when she smiled at him in return. He rubbed his nose against hers, at the same time rubbing it in to Paul that he too knew how to make her giggle. Hope was, after all, his, regardless of whatever the DNA tests may say.

"Iím going to go then," Paul announced.

"Thank you, again, for dropping Lambie by," Michael said, "and for helping out while I took that call. I know holding a squirming child wouldnít be most young guysí idea of a good morning."

"I didnít mind," Paul quietly said and after one more long glance at Hope, made his way out the door. Curranís eyes followed him every step of the way, still he wasnít satisfied with the situation.

"Well, I should be going, too." Curran gave each of his girls a kiss, grabbed his phone and headed out after Paul.

Episode 571: Fighter

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