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Episode 571: Fighter

Adria finished her coffee while it was piping hot and tossed the takeaway cup in the restroom’s trash bin. She hoped the caffeine would take hold sooner rather than later.

She turned to the sink and repeatedly splashed water in her face, then patted it dry with paper towel.

Deciding she at least looked refreshed, even if she didn’t remotely feel it, Adria hiked her heavy book bag onto her shoulder, weighed down mainly by reference material she routinely turned to in hopes of making some sense of her textbooks and assignments.

Adria dropped her head in her hands. Business made about as much sense to her artistic brain as medical jargon or Latin. Her head was constantly swimming, barely treading water. At least once every three days she burst into frustrated tears.

She hated every second of this. The classes. The studying. The preparing for a future stuck behind a desk somewhere.

But, Adria raised her chin with purpose. She would not quit.

A quitter wouldn’t be any worthier of a solid man like her husband than the flaky actress would be. So what if she never had an ounce of fun or understood half of what she was doing, all that mattered was who she was improving herself for. That Ryley, and their future kids, and Adria’s parents, could be proud of her.

Thus emboldened, Adria pushed through the restroom door and hurried down the hall to her class. She couldn’t afford to be late again on top of rarely having the correct answer when her professor called on her, as it was, even the extra credit assignments she was struggling her way through might not bring her grade up to snuff.

No. Don’t think that, Adria commanded; be positive, maybe he’ll at least award points for a good attitude. On that thought, she slapped a smile on her face, only to have every fiber of her being wobble, including her fake smile when she entered the classroom. "What are you doing here?"

Episode 572: You Were Meant For Me

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