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Episode Fifty-Seven: Ordinary Morning

Lila’s eyes flashed open and she put her index finger against Jesse’s lips to insure his quiet as he tugged at her to get up. She whispered for him to go wait for her in the kitchen, food was always the way to that boy’s heart. The boy in the bed with his arm across her side was a whole other story. She reluctantly untangled herself.

She waited until she was out of Sebastian’s bedroom to zip up her dress. She let Jess pour the Cheerios to avoid any sort of loud fuss. While he was quietly munching, Lila slipped into the bathroom and splashed her face repeatedly.

She tiptoed back to the kitchen past Sebastian’s closed door and gave Jesse a banana, peeling one was practically a daylong task for him. There were so many places to look, cupboards, drawers in the living room, the table by the front door. She found it though, and shoved it in her pocket before she had time enough to think and just as she heard Bas’ voice carrying down the hallway.

"Nice wake up call, being smacked in the head by a banana," Sebastian said groggily, plopped the little boy on the pillow beside him and peeled the fruit for Jesse.

"Sorry, kids aren’t exactly subtle;" Lila barged through the room and scooped up her son.

Sebastian sunk back under the covers. "Remind me to have munchkins after Pamela Lee is an old hag, then I’ll be happy to have my dreams interrupted."

"I think she’s Anderson again," Lila answered, he was already asleep again, or ignoring her. Of course, if Ava was there he’d be super interested in Pamela’s last name.

Fifty-Eight: Out Of The Blue

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