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Episode Fifty-Six: Keep Coming Back

Basí normally perfect coif was standing on end, his gray sweat pants just barely hanging on to his waist. The light on his digital clock was too bright for his sleepy eyes to handle but he was sure the pounding on his front door had been going strong for at least twenty minutes.

"Howíve you been?" Lila asked, planting a kiss on Bas and nearly crushing Jesse between them. "Iíve missed you,"

"Hey, hey, back it up there, isnít it like three in the morning? And what the hell are you thinking dragging that kid around with you?" Sebastian left the door open and walked back into the living room mumbling to himself something to the effect of; "she makes Katherine seem like June Cleaver."

Lila shut the door with her heel and put Jess and his favorite blanket on the couch next to Bas. The pair looked suspiciously at one another and then Jess zonked out. "He can just fall asleep anywhere," she remarked, following Bas into the small kitchen as he gulped from a warm Pepsi that had been left on the counter for who knows how long.

"Like mother like son," Sebastian insulted her in his so bratty itís forgivable way.

She twirled a lock of red hair. "You wouldnít believe the night Iíve had, I mean, first Bowie made me work late, I think he really wants me back, then once the sitter finally quit yapping I went to go home and I couldn't find my keys-"

"Hmm, so you're locked out, huh," he believed that just slightly more than the fact that his hand was once again caressing the back of Lilaís swan neck. "Iím supposed to be up early tomorrow, or, today I guess, university, Iím a serious guy this year, did you know that? Turning over a new leaf," he grinned with full on dimples.

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