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Episode 557: Tell Her About It

Justine and her young daughter, Tansy, held hands as they strolled along the sidewalk. Her car was still parked at the school. Sheíd felt like walking. She didnít know where. But since her little girl was game, with her tiny backpack slung securely over her small shoulders, theyíd set off. It was certainly a pretty enough spring afternoon for aimless strolling. The sun high and bright in the pristine blue sky, warm on their faces.

"So, how was school today?" Justine glanced down and met her daughterís beautiful eyes.

"I donít know," Tansy replied, screwing up her mouth, a plain indication that as usual she had not enjoyed her time there. "How was home?"

"I donít know," Justine echoed, screwing up her mouth in similar fashion before both she and her daughter looked ahead. She screwed up her mouth again when she spied Michael Gable headed their way, pushing a fancy stroller.

They each waved and smiled as their feet bridged the distance, though Justine suspected that unlike her smile, Michaelís was probably the real deal. It wasnít that Justine didnít like her. The woman had proven to be one of her better friends, the lone holdout from Justineís social set days. She just didnít want to see Michael today. When she was strolling, and aimless, and in one of those moods where she felt altogether useless. Nope. Not one of those times you want to encounter a superwoman. Justine hugged Michael anyway. They admired one anotherís children.

"Youíre growing into such a beautiful young lady, Tansy," Michael said, then looked to Justine. "It happens so fast, huh? Thatís why I canít bring myself to do the nanny thing. Curran and I want to be there for as many minutes as we can, fortunately weíre our own bosses, so itís doable. Of course, having her in our offices everyday isnít easy, but I wouldnít trade a minute with her, even if it means struggling to keep up with work, weíre on our way to a meeting right now. Fingers crossed that this clientís a baby person."

"My mom can help," Tansy, piped in, "she doesnít have a job."

Justine adored her daughter. She had the sweetest soul in the world, but sometimes the biggest mouth at the worst moment, when you most wanted to gloss over a fact.

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