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Episode 555: The House That Built Me

The table looked pretty, dressed in soft pastels, with an Easter feast prepared to perfection by the caterers. Gorgeous lilies filled every vase in the dining room and one glance out the window told the tale of what had been an ideal spring day, overflowing with sunshine and warmth. Adria felt none of it.

She was too busy feeling how much she missed her husband, wondering where he was, if he had someone to share the holiday with, if he might fall in love with that person.

She swiped at her instantly wet eyes, the tears easier to push away than the constant ache in her heart. She looked to her mom for comfort. Her mom did not look at her. But not for the reason she’d rarely doled out comfort to Addie as a child. She wasn’t all wrapped in a medical case. She wanted nothing whatsoever to do with her daughter. Had virtually ignored her since Adria moved back home. Disappointed in the lies her youngest had told, Katherine Marques now expressed no interest in her daughter’s attempt to do better.

Addie’s father, Phillip, had been supportive, though things were not yet back to where they once had been between them either. It all made for a very silent Easter in the Marques household until the telephone rang.

Adria’s heart leapt. Ryley still tried to see and talk to her on a regular basis. She hoped it would be him. Even if she refused to speak to him. Which she knew she had to. She knew he would be better off that way. It would still feel good to know he was thinking of her.

But it wasn’t Ryley. She had to swipe her eyes again, and get through wondering whether he’d finally stopped thinking about her before her mind shifted back to the phone call, to her parents, all smiles, animatedly wishing her brother Bassie, a Happy Easter.

Once Adria moved past her jealousy, she started to question why Sebastian would call. What was he doing? As far as Adria knew, his girlfriend Ava wanted no part of their father’s machinations. Why would Bas risk screwing things up with the person he loved while Adria was doing everything in her power to make things better with the one she loved?

Episode 556: Dead Man's Rope

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