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Episode 556: Dead Man's Rope

Ryley pushed away from his desk. He swiveled his chair to face the window. It seemed impossible to him that it should be sunny out there, that the world could look like such a happy place when he was so miserable in it.

She wouldn’t see him.

She wouldn’t talk to him.

He missed her more than he could bear. He’d stopped calling her. It had been four days. So far, it wasn’t helping. He knew he’d give in soon. He’d walk into that brick wall repeatedly until either he got through to her or there was nothing left of him.

He had to be at least half way there.

Ryley heard his name and spun his chair around so fast, sure it was her. But it wasn’t. The voice, the face, they weren’t anywhere near her. He wasn’t in his right mind. If he was, he would know his new assistant’s name. He’d know he’d hired her a month ago not just a couple days. He wouldn’t have hired her in the first place. Not with the way she eyed him like a piece of meat. Not with the way she tempted him to take her up on the offer.

He’d already tried that. He’d already said fine, if she’s determined to leave me, I’ll leave her, too.

He hadn’t even gotten through a drink with another woman. He could imagine his hands on someone else. He could imagine clearing the top of the desk and stripping his assistant naked on top of it, but he never going through with it. He could never betray his wife no matter how betrayed he felt, how lonely and alone. How pathetic his life had become. How distracted. How he barely paid attention to his work, so busy thinking of ways he might persuade her back, he didn’t even look at the address label on the envelope his assistant had left him, didn’t prepare for what it might contain until the divorce papers trembled in his hands.

Episode 557: Tell Her About It

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