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Episode Fifty-Five: Walk On

She opened the door before heíd had a chance to prepare, and so when she greeted him with a kiss he turned and it landed on his cheek. "You look tired, I should light some juniper candles, arenít those parents of yours ever coming home?

"Tomorrow," Bowie smiled, tucking in his lower lip. "Something smells good,"

"Iíve been passing by this new Chinese place every night and I couldnít resist any longer, the veggies are delish, but I got some carnivore delights in case you wanted any, itíll only take a second to nuke,"

"No, itís okay; Iím not really hungry," Bowie replied, rubbing under his right eye. Fern tapped at her lips with three fingers and they looked at each other with a what do we do next kind of expression.

"You know I could really use some music, I try to keep things quiet all day for Avaís mom cause she gets these whopping headaches, you know, and so by the time I get home," she punched up the stereo on Bootylicious. "I just want, you know, something bouncy and mindless."

"Argh! You have about ten tons of tension," Fern said pulling at his stiff arms in playful dance. She bent his arms and moved in closer, pecked him on the chin and moved to his neck. He lifted her face and kissed her.

Catching his breath, Bowie backed towards the door. "I- I need to go."

She waved her hands in front of her face in a washing motion. "Do what you need to do."

Episode Fifty-Six: Keep Coming Back

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