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Episode 549: Grown Man

Avalon had looked forward to this for a long time. The day the two of them were finally, officially employed again, making something of their lives, rather than accepting anything from Sebastian’s father.

Sebastian, however, wore a less than pleased expression. A faraway frown clouded his eyes as he leaned an elbow against the coffee bar.

"Are you not okay with this after all?" Ava touched his arm. She knew it couldn’t be easy for him; this bookstore had once been a gift to her from a man she would have married. Nevertheless, she believed this endeavor would be good for Bas. He needed direction, even if it was only following her.

Sebastian’s time waiting tables had done a world of good for him. Had made him grow, changed him into the kind of man she could trust and rely on, someone with whom she could build an adult life.

Ava feared losing that man, seeing him slip back into the self-serving, over-privileged rich kid she’d first met.

"If you don’t want to…" She’d what? Understand. Yes, if it was about Xavier. If he had some other job in mind, some purpose. No, if it was about his desire to coast through life on his dad’s dime, as much as Phillip Marques deserved to have someone bleed him dry.

She was sure that life would bleed Sebastian, too. A tragedy she couldn’t stand to see happen.

"I want to be with you," he said, his hands reaching for her waist, pulling her close. "And you want to be here. So, simple math." The smile didn’t reach his eyes, but his kiss quickly blotted out all her thoughts on that, his mouth and his tongue spoke so loudly of his commitment to their life together.

Episode 550: Oh Father

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