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Episode 550: Oh Father

Yeah, I’m okay with this, Sebastian thought as he moved his hands over her slender waist and backside, while his mouth enjoyed a thorough taste of her, reveled in the pillowy softness of her lips. This was right. He had nothing to feel guilty over.

He’d done nothing wrong. Kissing her was right. Doing anything necessary to ensure they continued kissing and more on a regular basis was right.

The only wrong things around here were the way he’d beaten himself up lately, and the sound of the bookstore’s door creaking open and the feel of her mouth breaking away from his.

"Public displays of affection probably aren’t the best thing for business," she said, her voice laced with regret.

Bas stole one more quick kiss from her mouth. "PDA’s are very good for my employee morale."

She smiled. "You’re not an employee, you’re the co-owner."

"Then," he grinned and stole another kiss, "as co-owner, I declare PDA’s mandatory."

Her smile, as well as his own dipped the instant the voice drawing near sank in.

"You’re co-owners?" Ava’s dad, Calvin Baird asked. "How did that happen?" He frowned. "Did you accept a loan from Phillip Marques?"

"Bas doesn’t need his father for everything, and neither do I," Ava snapped. "I managed my whole life just fine." The moment after she had said it though, she knew it was unfair. He’d stopped by for a book or a newspaper, no clue she’d be there, he wasn’t checking up on her or crowding her. And any concern about Phillip Marques was warranted. But Avalon still didn’t know what to do with Calvin Baird’s concern for her. Sebastian’s hands, however, holding her tighter, felt nothing but good, at least she did not have mixed feelings about that anymore.

Episode 551: Innocent One

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