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Episode 544: Step By Step

All it took was one look and even with her head bent, buried in the warmth of her coat’s collar, he knew it had to be her bustling past him, moving the opposite direction along the sidewalk. One glimpse out of the corner of his eye, he’d recognized the bounce of those dark curls, and he went flying onto his backside with a thud loud enough to stop her in her determined stride.

"Are you o- Oh."

Lucy’s expression fell from concern to nothing at all. Better than fury, Paul supposed. He certainly would have deserved it. He hadn’t handle things well. It continued to be almost all he thought of day and night. He wondered if it would punish him for the rest of his life. Again thought he probably deserved it.

Her mittened hand reached part way out, paused, then all the way, helping him to his feet.


She gave a shrug as if to say she’d do it for anyone. He was nothing special to her now.

Paul nodded. "Be careful. It’s slippery." Then he turned to hobble gingerly on his way, wishing he could feel the throbbing in his ankle, surely less painful than the thoughts in his head.

"You’re limping."

He stopped and swung his head over his shoulder. "Yeah, I guess I twisted my ankle."

"You shouldn’t walk on it; you could make it worse than it is." She frowned at him then tucked her body up under his arm, just to alleviate the pressure on his ankle, though his body came alive as though the contact were the start of something more, as if she was still something special to him. "Cabs take forever, especially on cold days like this. I live just up here, ground floor apartment; you can rest your ankle while you wait."

Nothing she wouldn’t do for anyone.

Episode 545: Could've Been You

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