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Episode 545: Could've Been You

It was nothing Lucy wouldnt have done for anyone, but shed resent doing it for him. Paul didnt need her resenting him more; he had enough weighing on his mind and heart.

"Its alright." He shifted away from her. "I can wait for a cab out here. Im made of hearty stuff." At least he thought he had been until the last year had taken its toll, now he wasnt so sure.

"I dont want to put you out." Hed already contributed too much to that. "You were in a hurry to get somewhere." On with her life, as Paul kept attempting and failing miserably.

"I was just going to school." Lucy adjusted the strap slung over her shoulder, the attached bag undoubtedly weighed down with books. Once upon a time, hed offered to carry them for her. Then hadnt offered anything when shed really needed him.

"School is important to you." More important than their baby. Where had that thought come from? It was unfair. Not to mention hypocritical. Monstrous. Evil. "Dont let me keep you."

"Its fine. Im early, as always." Except that one time she was late. They both thought that for a long moment.

He saw her shake it off before she again positioned herself as his makeshift crutch. "Dont make me spend the whole day feeling guilty for leaving you out here freezing to death and hobbled."

Paul knew all too well about guilt and so, reluctantly consented. Her apartment was small. There was only one of her where there might have been three of them if hed done things differently.

She settled him on the sofa and went into the kitchen. He could hear her calling a cab and fixing coffee. If hed done things differently, he might have heard his baby crying or cooing. He forced his eyes around the room, searching for something else, something innocuous to focus on. What he found, was a babys toy.

Episode 546: My Sweet Love

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