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Episode 540: Steaming

Katherine had been on her way to the clinic, stopping in Phillip’s home office first to confirm their New Year’s plans, an intimate dinner for two, not a great deal different from the norm of late, it was always just the two of them.

But then the maid had informed them their youngest child was downstairs. Neither of them had hesitated in their refusal to see Adria. Not until they were alone, Katherine’s thoughts, undoubtedly similar to his own, consumed with the image of their littlest girl put out into the cold.

"What do you suppose she wanted?" Katherine asked, worrying her bottom lip. "I’m sure it was more like needed," he replied, with a terrible tight feeling in his chest. Their baby needed them, and they’d turned her away. He’d never felt more the villain, more a monster in his life. "Where’s her damn husband?"

"Maybe he’s broken her heart."

Phillip shook his head, it didn’t seem possible, not the way that man looked at Addie. Not possible at all, Phillip realized, filling with red hot steam. "Maybe this is Justine all over again."

Katherine stilled. "Fooling us into thinking we were going to her wedding wasn’t enough?"

"Oh, it was more than enough." Phillip rose out of his seat, deciding he would see his youngest daughter after all, tell her face to face that he would not be deceived again, and she would most definitely not hurt her mother like that again.

Episode 541: Middle Man

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