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Episode 541: Middle Man

"What are you going to say to her?" Katherine asked her husband as he reached for the doorknob. She rubbed her arms, suffering a chill even though Phillip kept his home office at a comfortable temperature.

He turned to her, gave her hand a squeeze. "Iím not going to let her pull the wool over my eyes again. Iíll simply tell her that when sheís ready to conduct herself like the admirable daughter we raised then weíll be happy to see her, and hear what she has to say, until thenÖ"

Until when? Katherine wondered, all manner of knots lacing through her body. When would they have their baby girl back? Ever? How long would Adria be the person who callously led her mother to believe they were sharing something special? Giving Katherine another chance to be the mother she longed to be.

"I donít want to see her," Katherine said. It was only partially true. She loved Adria. She truly did. Thatís why it had hurt. Why she had a hard time forgiving, even if, perhaps, in some way she deserved everything she got. "Iím going to the clinic."

Phillip nodded. Brushed his lips across her forehead. He understood. This was just the latest hell their children had put them through.

"Take the back exit," he suggested and after another kiss, he left Katherine and marched downstairs to their baby.

His feet thumped, punishing each step, anger roiling through his bloodstream. His youngest daughter hadnít gone anywhere despite the housekeeper informing her they were unavailable. Big surprise. Adria hadnít yet received whatever sheíd come for.

Nor would she.

She rose up off the sofa and turned at the sound of his thundering entrance. With her face tear-stained and slender arms wrapping around her even more slender body, she sniffled her way through, "Happy New Year, Daddy."

Episode 542: Grenade

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