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Episode Fifty-Four: But I Do

Bowie was maddened by numbers and distracted by Lila. She was doing her best fumbling around with the new box of magazines well past quitting hour.

"What?" She asked innocently, clutching a stack of Soap Opera Digests to her chest.

"Nothing," Bowie replied and smiled as he looked down at a bunch of confusing figures. "I donít think Iíve ever seen you voluntarily stay late before, first time for everything I guess,"

She carried the empty box over to him. "The first time is always the best,"

Bowie tried to concentrate on calculating and not on the double meaning behind what she had just said. Lila leaned over and pushed at a lock of his hair, Bowie stared at her questioningly. "It wasnít doing the normal sticky up thing that it normally does; itís fixed now. Do you know what happened this morning? Jess forbid me from brushing his hair, wanted to look exactly like you."

"Yeah," Bowie became thoughtful for a second. "Well, heíll be glad soon enough that he doesnít have these genes, they havenít done much for me."

"I wish-"

Bowie put up his hand. "Iím not hearing this again, one minute youíre saying you wish I was really his dad and the next you, you, - I canít understand how Iím good enough for your son and not for you. Iím just; Iím done..."

"But itís simple now, right? I mean now that you realize youíre not in love with me, we can be friends now, and sometimes more, if you wanted," Lila countered.

His hand ran through his hair and then he swiped at his crystal blue eyes. "Itís simple." Bowie laughed. "You, youíre so damn self-absorbed Lilac, sometimes I wonder how you manage to leave enough oxygen for the rest of us to breathe."

Episode Fifty-Five: Walk On

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