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Episode 539: Losing touch

Adria had dominated his dreams in recent weeks. Ryley’s mind played scenes of her every night.

His wife. The woman who kept threatening to end their relationship. Every morning he woke in a cold sweat, his heart trembling, his arms reaching out for her, desperate to know she was still there with him, she hadn’t let the doubts her parents had put in her head, win, and rob them of each other.

And she hadn’t.

Yes, she’d moved out. Yes, she’d sworn they were over. But she’d let him in, and the idea of him with someone else had brought her to tears. She shared her bed with him. She’d shared Christmas with him.

They’d survived.

They were still together on the anniversary of the night they met, New Year’s Eve, and Ryley woke that morning without trembling, without any doubt they’d finally go home, she’d be there when he reached for her.

Adria squirmed on the sofa, rearranging her arms and legs many times over. Tears continually pricked her eyes, twisted in her chest, aching for him already.

But this was what she had to do. It might not feel good. But it was good for Ryley. The best thing she could do. The best way to love him.

It could be worse. At least she did love them. She missed them. Surely, they’d missed her, too.

"Adria," the maid stepped tentatively into the sitting room. "I’m sorry. Mr. and Mrs. Marques refuse to see you."

Episode 540: Steaming

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