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Episode 534: Somebody's Crying

Adria poured cornflakes into a bowl for dinner. Her eyes wandered. She told herself she wouldnít look at the clock. She wouldnít think about it. He was late. He would have left the office. Even if traffic were heavy, he would have been there already, asking her to stop this nonsense, to come home with him.

Apparently, lunch with Brooke had gone well.

Adria pushed the cereal to the back of the counter, but removing all food from her sightline didnít stop the sick feeling from rolling through her.

Nor did the sudden appearance of Ryley, groceries in hand, or rather they had been in hand until he dropped the bags to the floor and rushed to her. "Youíre so pale. Why didnít you call me? I wouldnít have wasted time buying dinner for tomorrow, I would have been right here. Whatís wrong?"

"Iím not your problem. Why donít you just go take Thanksgiving to Brooke?" It was exactly what she should suggest for Ryleyís sake, but she couldnít get through it without her voice cracking on the other womanís name, or a tear leaking down her cheek.

Ryley swiped away her tear. "You know it hurt like hell when you shoved me at another woman."

"That didnít stop you from going." Another tear, another swipe.

"I went because I wanted to call your bluff. I wanted you to be jealous. I wanted your heart to break, to regret pushing me away. Looks like it worked. Not that I could ever be happy about making you cry." His eyes were grave. "I didnít want whatever her name was, I donít want her. I sent her to lunch without me. I realized what you were doing, that you didnít mean it, which, by the way, didnít make it much easier to take."

Torn between relief and exasperation, Adria managed a feeble; "I did mean it."

"So, then," her husband said, his voice so irresistibly soft, his mouth delectably close, those eyes no longer grave, but determined, "if I kiss you, youíd push me away? Thatís really what you want?"

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