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Episode 535: She's Got A Way

Michael finished changing Hope’s diaper, and with a kiss to her daughter’s gorgeous little caramel forehead, she nestled the drowsy baby in her crib. The moment Michael flicked off the nursery’s lamp; Hope unleashed an ear-shattering cry of dismay.

Less put out by the primal screams than she should be given the late hour, and the exhaustion in her bones, Michael scooped up her featherweight bundle and carried her over to the window with a gentle bouncing motion. The cries continued despite Hope’s eyes lighting at the neighbor’s early start to the Christmas season across the street.

"What’s wrong, huh, sweetie?" She stroked the soft dark curls on her baby’s head until they were whisked out of her arms and into Curran’s.

Her semi-estranged husband wore a pair of pajama bottoms, and cradled Hope to his chest. Michael could certainly see where that would be soothing. So much so that her temptation to change their living arrangement to something more intimate increased with every passing day. Particularly nights like this, when she watched him hold the baby.

"That’s better," Curran quietly said, running his thumb over Hope’s cheek. "You’ve got to learn to sleep through the night here pretty quick little one or Santa won’t stop by." He lifted his head and quirked a smile in Michael’s direction. "I figure it’s never too early to start threatening to take away presents."

Michael smiled back at him, feigned wiping sweat from her brow. "Phew, that’s settled then, you’ll be the disciplinarian."

"I said threaten to take them away," Curran remarked with a chuckle, "not that I actually could take anything away from that face."

"I know," Michael laughed, taking another adoring look at Hope. "I pity the boys in her future." There was someone else she pitied, too, and the thought sobered her mood right up. It was hard to believe Lucy could have met that baby, brought her into the world, and wasn’t aching to see her again.

Episode 536: Where Are You Christmas?

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