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Episode 529: Love, Oh Love

Sheíd closed the window shade as tight as it would possibly go; made sure the room sat in pitch-blackness. Still, Adria knew how he looked stripped down to his boxers. Felt the stutter in her heartbeats as he climbed into bed beside her. Inhaled his scent as if she hadnít eaten for days.

Sheíd thought not being able to see him would help. Sheíd thought her frumpiest pair of pajamas would lessen her mood. But this was Ryley. Her one and only one night stand. Her one and only. Her husband.

No amount of trying could make her not want the man.

"You canít keep sleeping here," she said, her voice low and raspy.

"Iím more than happy to do more, if thatís what you want."

"You know itís not."

Her lie hung in the air between them.

"You canít keep sleeping here," she repeated. "You canít be happy wanting to do more, and me not letting you."

"Of course that doesnít make me happy, Ad. I always want to touch you. But if this is all I can get, at least itís something; at least Iím with you."

"You could be with someone else." Her chest burned as she said it, but she said it anyway. She loved him. She wanted the best for him. "You should be with someone else. Someone more talented, more successful. Someone better than me."

Ryleyís fingers stroked her hair, her temple, her cheek. "Thereís no one better than you, Addie, please believe that."

His lips pressed everywhere his hand had been, and then both moved down her body, unbuttoning her pajamas, tasting her skin. There was nothing better than that. Better than him.

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