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Episode 530: In My Daughter's Eyes

Tansy watched her momís face. It was screwed up real tight. It had been like that for weeks and weeks, not just while she was squinting and glaring at her work on Tansyís Halloween costume.

Tansy felt the needle accidentally poke her arm, right where her mom was finishing attaching the little black mittens to her sleeves so sheíd stay warm and not lose them. She was always losing her mittens. She never meant to. Just like her mom hadnít meant to poke her like that. But Tansyís eyes always got all wet whenever she had to tell her mom sheíd lost another pair, and her momís eyes were all wet over poking her with that needle.

"Oh, Iím so sorry, sweetie," her mom said, twisting Tansyís arm this way and that, looking for boo-boos. "I didnít mean to hurt you."

"Iím not hurt," Tansy said. It had kind of stung. And Tansy did kind of want to cry, too. But she didnít want her mom to cry worse. She brushed her mittens over her momís wet cheeks.

"Iím so terrible at this stuff, Tans, Iím sorry."

The door opened. Her dad was home! Tansy turned to him. She couldnít wait for him to see her Bumblebee costume, to say nice things about it to her mom, so her mom would feel better.

Her dad picked her right up in his arms, but he didnít say anything about her costume, he was just looking at the tears on her momís face. Tansy hugged her dad tight, and rested her head on his chest, glad he was there, and glad heíd make everything better.

"Justine, why are you crying, whatís wrong?"

"I just nearly killed our daughter with a sewing needle, but hey, thatís what you want, right?"

Tansy lifted her head. She didnít understand. She felt that way a lot, lately. It scared her. What if her dad couldnít make whatever it was better? What if Tansy and her mom went and lived with grandma and grandpa again? And she didnít get to see her dad all the time?

"Just," Tansyís dad had a real soft voice sometimes, "please, will you listen, will you finally hear me when I say that I didnít mean you had to become some super mom."

Tansyís dad closed them all in a big hug, it always felt so good to be squished between them, but still Tansy had that awful feeling of not understanding. Why would her mom think she had to become a super mom when she already was the most super mom?

Episode 531: To Be A Lover

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