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Episode 528: Big Shot

"My father is Phillip Marques," Bas informed the bank manager.

Avalon gave him a look. He knew sheíd give him a look. But she didnít say anything. She wanted this. Sheíd been so excited about the bookstore that she couldnít entirely object to him using his family name to try to make it happen for her.

More than anything else, Sebastian lived to make things happen for her.

"You may be his son, but youíre not him. Iím afraid thereís nothing I can do for you."

Bas didnít care if this guy said no to him, but to Ava? Well, it made him a little angry. He roared up out of his seat. "Like hell, you canít do anything! It just makes you feel like a big man to crush her dreams. I guess thatís just how you compensate for being small in other-"

"Sebastian." Ava touched his arm, and the next thing he knew they were walking on the sidewalk in silence.

"Iím sorry," he said.

"Itís not your fault; I knew getting a loan would be a long shot for us right now."

But Bas did blame himself.

If heíd done more with his life by now, made it on his own like Ava was so vehement they do, heíd have more assets than a last name. He could have gotten her that loan. Made her happy. Made her dreams come true. Even Xavier had managed that much once upon a time, and that guy was the worst thing ever for her.

"I just wish I didnít have to tell Bowie," Ava said. "He was so looking forward to a fresh start." So was she. And Bas was determined to make it happen for her before she realized what dead weight he was, and looked for that fresh start with someone else.

Episode 529: Love, Oh Love

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