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Episode 524: Got To Choose

They stood there, saying nothing, for some time after Lucy walked out the door. She wasn’t looking at him. Not at all. He didn’t know what that meant. Didn’t want to think the worst. But it was hard not to. With Lucy gone. With nothing forcing them to live together.

Unless Michael wanted them to.

Finally, his wife, he would always consider her his wife no matter what the future held, she looked at him, her eyes slightly weepy as she cuddled the baby tighter. "Do you think she knows her mom just left?"

Curran placed a hand on her shoulder. She let him, even though she didn’t have to pretend anymore. "Her mom is right here."

"I wasn’t fishing for that," Michael said. A soft smile flashed. "Thank you though, that was a sweet thing to hear."

"I meant it. You’ve only had her a few weeks and you’re already a great mom. You’re supposed to be a mom. I shouldn’t have dragged my feet for so long on that. I shouldn’t have been so selfish." There were so many things he shouldn’t have done, mistakes he’d made. They threatened to destroy him now.

"I wouldn’t have her, if not for you," she allowed.

He might not have either of them by the end of the day. The thought pounded in his chest as he turned away, prepared a bottle for the baby, and tested it on his wrist. He never expected he’d get into the father role. Love this little girl.

With the baby still cradled in Michael’s arms, Curran held the bottle to her rosebud mouth. As she drank, her tiny fingers curled around his forearm. "She’s mine."

His wife stared at him.

"I’m her dad. No matter what you decide for us. I’m her dad."

Michael didn’t know what to say. Or what to do. He hadn’t wanted to be a father before. He hadn’t always been a good husband. And now? Now Lucy was gone. She’d dreaded this moment. This decision. He no longer had to be there. It was her choice.

Episode 525: The Night Is Still Young

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