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Episode 525: The Night Is Still Young

Adria flopped over on one side. She tried the other again. Squeezed her eyes shut so tight it actually somewhat hurt. Still didnít work.

She sat up. She threw off the covers and heated up some warm milk. She quickly drank it down and returned to bed. She closed her eyes and waited. Again, sleep proved elusive.

With the pillow wrapped half way around her head, Adria pulled the blanket all the way over, too. It didnít help. It couldnít. It wasnít as if there was a noise to blot out, or a light keeping her awake. It was all in her head. And there was only one way to get it out of there.

She sat up once more. This time she pulled a robe over her nightie and knotted it extra tight. On a deep breath, she walked to the door. She hadnít locked it. Afraid heíd need refuge from a mugger or something and wouldnít be able to get to safety.

With the yearning already threatening her heart before sheíd even set eyes on him, Adria turned the doorknob. Apparently, heíd been leaning against the door, his legs stretched out. He fell back into the room, his head smacking the floor.

She immediately crouched, and cupped his face.

He looked at her with a slightly dazed expression, which, in the eyes of the woman who loved him more than anything translated to near deathbed. "You have to be okay. Please tell me youíll be okay. Please."

"Iím okay." Ryley sat up on one elbow, drove his other hand into her hair. His fingers felt so good. "Iím better than okay, now."

His mouth moved towards hers. Adria sprang back. Ryley almost conked his head on the floor again. She loved him. She was so thankful he caught himself just in time. "I didnít open the door for you to kiss me. I opened it to invite you to sleep with me."

Episode 526: You Want Me To

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