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Episode 521: Something's Gotta Give

Quentin tossed aside the resort’s glossy pamphlet. He wasn’t there for golf, or the acclaimed restaurant. He just wanted alone time with his wife. As much as he enjoyed the garage, and missed his daughter, he was glad to get way with Justine, for it to be just the two of them for a couple days.

He paced the carpeted floor of their room; anxiously awaiting the moment she’d finish freshening up from their long drive, and walk out of the bathroom into his arms.

Her grand re-entrance didn’t disappoint. She wore pale blue silk cut low and high.

He had her hauled against him in no time flat, still so hungry for her after all these years. He supposed it helped that she kept too busy for them lately. But it had hurt, too. Thankfully were rectifying that this weekend.

His mouth claimed hers, his fingers slid the thin straps down her shoulders, and she ripped away from him to answer her damn cell phone.

He back-flopped onto the bed and stewed there, until the second her call ended.

"Why did you answer that," he demanded as she returned to where he now sat upright.

She mounted his lap, evidently ready to pick right up where they’d left off. They shouldn’t have left off. "It was important," she said, stealing a nibble from his lips. "It could bring good things for the garage."

"The garage is fine," Quent snapped. For months he’d held back, telling himself that at least while she obsessed over garage business, she wasn’t falling into a depression. But really, this wasn’t any better, not for them, or for her. "You don’t have to do this. I like the garage the way it is, and you don’t have to prove anything to your parents. You don’t have to show them that you can be as big time as they are."

She stepped back, a look on her face as if she couldn’t decide whether she was angry or hurt, or just plain trying not to accept what he said. "So you don’t want me around the garage? You don’t want to work with me? You’d rather I just run around barefoot and pregnant like your mom and sister."

"No." He stood, and held her quaking shoulders. "I want you to be happy, and I’m afraid you’re once again, going about it the wrong way."

Episode 522: Don't Ask Me Why

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