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Episode 522: Don't Ask Me Why

Avalon absently pushed the food around on her plate.

"Are you sick?" Sebastian asked, with so much concern in his voice. Even more in his eyes when Ava glanced at him. If sheíd had any appetite left, it completely left then.

He loved her. It was so apparent the way he looked at her. The way heíd tried to change for her. The way heíd sacrificed the cushy, easy life his father had offered him.

Now she contemplated asking him for more? Was that any way to show him her love in return? "Iím fine."

"Youíre not eating."

"I guess Iím just not hungry."

"Or talkative. Youíve been so quiet. Whatís wrong? Not us." He spoke with conviction yet a hard swallow followed.

"Not us." At least there wouldnít be anything wrong with them as long as they communicated, were honest with each other. "Bowieís thinking about selling the bookstore."

"Youíre worried about him?"

"No, I think it will be good for him, heís not happy there. Itís you Iím worried about."

"Me? What do I have to do with Bowie selling the bookstore?"

She took a deep breath. "Iíd like us to buy the store, Bas. You could work there with me if you wanted, run the coffee bar maybe since youíre a people person, or co-ordinate events that would tap into your party gene. Or you could just be a silent partner if you prefer, and pursue something else. Either way, I probably canít swing a big enough loan if I donít have someone in it with me, and youíre the someone I want. But I care about what you want."

"That would be you."

She smiled, though still not easily. "I get that itís only been a few months since we finally moved out of the house I shared with Xavier. I know itís not fair to ask you to be okay with me going back to a business I shared with him, too. So if youíre not okay with it, please be honest, say so and I wonít. Iíll find something else. Iíd rather do anything else than hurt you."

Episode 523: Movin' Out

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