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Episode 519: Tortured, Tangled Hearts

Adria shook her head at the mirror’s reflection. Her eyes so red and puffy. She didn’t look a whole lot like a bright shiny candidate for employment. More like someone who’d spent most of the night crying. Which she had.

His arms had felt so good. His kiss and his deeply affectionate words so tempting. Leaving their apartment a couple days ago had been a mighty enough struggle without Ryley there.

Asking him to leave last night, looking into those eyes she loved more than anything and telling him to go, had been like running her heart through a meat grinder. The pain excruciating. The tears, hours later, still very much hovering at the surface.

She’d done the right thing though, and now she had to get through her days without him. Somehow. She couldn’t imagine it would be happily. More like going through the motions for the next fifty-years or so.

Adria stepped out of her hotel room, immediately turning back to make sure the door locked behind her. She had so little left.

She stepped back, intending to turn to leave, tripped over something. She expected to land with a hard thud on her backside, instead, arms she knew instantly, all too well, caught her and the next thing Adria knew she was on Ryley’s lap!

There was that good feeling again. The rightness of his arms. Only it was so wrong for him. Couldn’t he see that just from the fact that he’d spent the night in a hallway? "Why are you here?"

"You’re here."

"You deserve better." She told him so last night. Why couldn’t he listen? Why couldn’t he just go? Save himself. "You’ll see. You’ll find someone else." Oh, how that hurt to say. But he needed to do it. "You’ll find someone who isn’t such a total failure."

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