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Episode 520: Help

Avalon walked into the bookstore. It still reminded her of what she’d shared with Xavier, though that reminder no longer sliced into her, brought that terrible ache. She could think of their good times together without the loss crumbling down on her like an avalanche.

She’d moved on. She’d finally even sold the home they’d shared, donating the money to a youth charity, in Xavier’s honor. She’d found a new place with Sebastian. She loved him.

As maddening as that may sometimes be.

So she sought out her best friend and found him in the back office, frowning at a computer screen. "I’m looking for a friendly face," she told him.

"You’ve come to the right place."

"It didn’t look like it a second ago. It’s not Lila, is it?" They’d seemed solid since the wedding, granted Ava didn’t see them on a daily basis. She and Sebastian had their off days, especially lately.

"Actually, surprisingly enough, we’re good." Bowie knocked on the wooden desk.

"So what’s up then?" Ava asked, taking the chair opposite him.

"It’s this place."

"It looked like you had a decent amount of customers out front."

He nodded. "Yeah, considering the economy and the digital age, we do pretty well here. Believe me I appreciate that it lets me take care of my family when there’s so many people out there struggling. I feel really guilty complaining, but books are your thing, not mine."

"I know what you’re saying, Bas and I are at a crossroads career wise too, it’s not fun." In fact, there were times in recent months when all their arguments over accepting their fathers’ help, and now figuring out what to do on their own, had her seriously worried about their relationship’s future."

Episode 521: Something's Gotta Give

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