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Episode 511: Please Don't Go Girl

Ryley pulled open the doors to the old church that served as the theater for Adria’s play.

Finding the vestibule empty, he moved on into the actual staging area. As had become the norm, the seats were vacant, save for the odd cast or crew’s family member.

Not so normal, were hands dismantling the set, actors, and others seated here and there on the stage, cracking open adult beverages. Ryley’s eyes scanned every last one of them, the ache in his chest increasing by the second as he settled for talking with Rebecca, the playwright, and Adria’s friend.

"What’s going on?"

"We’ve had to shut down. Addie didn’t tell you? I called her with the news. I figured when she didn’t come here to commiserate with the gang, she was getting comfort from her favorite person."

But she wasn’t.

She was devastated somewhere, and for reasons he couldn’t begin to understand, thought she had to go through it alone. He had to find her. He tried her sister, and her brother, and finally, her parents.

"If you’re here on her behalf, forget it," Adria’s father said, and her mother nodded. "If the girl wants forgiveness, she’ll have to come here herself to get it, and that’s just for starters."

Ryley replied with a mouthful of venom, though he kept Adria’s missing status to himself. He didn’t want them to find her first, pounce on her extreme vulnerability. Climbing into his car, all he could think was please let me find her, please let her be okay.

Episode 512: Stay with Me Baby

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