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Episode 512: Stay with Me Baby

After Curranís reassurance that everything would be okay, Michael was closer than ever to inviting him into their bed, to again having the comfort of his arms wrapped around her.

She heeded though, what she thought better judgment, settled for the relaxing sound of him breathing nearby, the replaying of his firm conviction in her head.

Michael drifted off to sleep. It wasnít deep however or long lasting.

Their bedroom door flew open, and the light suddenly switched on.

The second Michaelís eyes adjusted, and found Lucy, they, along with her terrified thoughts skidded to her husband on the floor, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, not yet as painfully awake as she.

"Lucy, I- I can explain, he, I, we-"

Lucyís strangled howl drew Michaelís panic-stricken gaze and upped her stress by a thousand. The girl was sickly pale, and clutching her belly, with beads of sweat popping out at her hairline.

"I think Iím in labor," Lucy announced between harsh breaths.

Michael didnít move, unsure which had her more paralyzed with worry, what the girl had made of the happily married adoptees sleeping single, or the babyís delivery. But Curran shot up from his makeshift bed handled Lucy and her, and getting them all to the hospital with cool and calm.

There was no panic with him.

Episode 513: Anything For My Baby

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