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Episode 500: My Heart

"Just a minute," Curran called out to the young woman on the other side of the door while his wife put a hand to her mouth as if she were going to be sick. He pulled a t-shirt over his head. "She didnít hear what you said."

"She had to have been right there when I said it."

"Luckily, I excite enough lust in you to drag your anger down to a low growl."

To Curranís regret, his words failed to amuse or infuriate her enough to spare Michale a few seconds of fearing the worst. "If she heard-"

"Iíll fix it." He cupped her face in his palm, meeting her eyes, seeing the doubt. Hating it almost as much as he hated sleeping on the floor, away from her. "Iíll fix it," he repeated on his way to open the door. She would have this baby. And he would have her.

"Lucy," Curran flashed her one of his most persuasive smiles. "My wife was just in the midst of pointing out that if we let the day rush away from us without taking personal time, well, that wonít end up being much of a marriage to bring a baby-"

"I know, itís late, Iím sorry to interrupt." The girl sent a hand to her burgeoning belly. "Itís just that the baby-"

"Whatís wrong?" Michael shot to her feet, her heart hammering like mad, her relief at Lucy buying Curranís line, extinguished by terror even her husbandís silver tongue couldnít fix.

"Oh, no, no, not anything bad," Lucy insisted, her eyes filled with apology.

"Then you should have made it damn well clear from the first," Curran snapped.

Michael threw him a back-off glare before moving to Lucyís side. "Donít mind him; heís a protective old bear when it comes to me and pain." Of course, he had no problem inflicting pain on her by sleeping with other women.

Lucy nodded. "Itís nothing painful; I just thought you might like to feel the baby move."

Couldnít that be painful? What if in the end, she didnít get to adopt this child? What if something did go wrong with the pregnancy? Fingers trembling, Michael slowly reached out to Lucyís abdomen, afraid she was going to get even more attached than she already was, afraid it was going to hurt like hell. But the instant she felt that life beneath her palm joy radiated through her and without thinking what it meant, how intimate it would feel, she called to Curran, invited his hand and his eyes to share the moment.

Episode 501: We Are Family

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