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Episode 501: We Are Family

Two equally determined fathers, their heads full of steam, nearly collided on the sidewalk. "Come back later," Calvin Beard groused.

"I was about to suggest the same to you," Phillip Marques said though his tone sounded more along the lines of a demand.

Back in his playing days, Cal had never let his opponents push him around; he certainly wasnít going to let some suit get away with it either. As successful a businessman as heíd become following his retirement form hockey, he still didnít consider himself one of them. Heíd rather go back to being dirt poor than be in league with ruthless bastards like Phillip Marques or Saretteís father. In fact, the one thing about life behind a desk that was almost as pleasurable as life on the ice had been competing with smug elitists, proving he could play in their big money leagues and win. He intended to win here, too.

Phillip met him stride for stride though, all the way up the porch steps. Cal did take some satisfaction in his finger reaching the doorbell first. Phillip continued to stand his ground. "Later," Calvin barked at the other man.

"Yes, see you later," Phillip barked right back. "Like hell, I have important things to discuss with the kids."

"As do I."

"Maybe a neighbor will call the cops on them for disturbing the peace," Sebastian suggested in a low voice on the other side of the door.

"Could we be that lucky?" Ava whispered back.

"Something important," Cal sneered, "like springing me on my daughter when she wasnít ready."

"You wouldnít even know she exists if I hadnít told you. If your first meeting didnít go well thatís on you, not me. Iíve done nothing but try to help your daughter," Phillip insisted, while Ava mimicked gagging a finger down her throat. Bas nodded his agreement. "Thatís why Iím here to offer my son and your daughter a more prominent position at my company. You should be happy for her."

"I will be when she, and your son accept the jobs Iím here to offer."

"Itís best if they stay with me."

"How do you figure that?"

"Well, Sarette wouldnít want everyone to know-"

Sebastian yanked open the door. "Who do you think will get caught in the crossfire, Dad? And who wonít ever forgive you?"

"It was a bluff, son. A business tactic to ensure I hold onto two valuable employees."

"You wonít have to deal with tactics if you come work for-"

""Youíre both right," Ava snapped. "Bas and I need some direction in our lives, but weíre adults, weíll get there on our own."

"We will?"

Episode 502: If I Could

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