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Episode Fifty: Someone Else's Dream

The quad always felt like a tweed and John Lennon glasses place, even now, when it was all a part of Justineís illustrious past. She sat down on a carefully carved bench and looked out over the near empty campus save for a few stragglers taking summer classes. She picked up a daisy, twirled it in her hand and began plucking off petals.

"Iím afraid Iíll have to report this," a slight man with sandy hair announced cheerfully.

"Would you believe me if I told you that Iíve been carrying this daisy around in my purse?" She asked, shielding her eyes from the sun as she tried to peer up at him.

"I was just joshing with you, believe me, I have no authority around here," he smiled, throwing his satchel over his left shoulder. "Does he love you or not?"

She waved her hand at him, her ring glistening. "Thatís the one thing thatís never in doubt."

"Lucky guy," The man nodded, "Are you a student? I donít think Iíve seen you before,"

"Way back when," Justine answered, pointing behind her. "Iím just in a bit of a St. Elmo slide and I decided to come back to the last place that made any sort of sense.

"Youíre one of those brass ring or bust people-"

"Oh no, I definitely chose a far different road than I had ever planned, itís an infinitely more simple life than I ever expected, itís practically pioneer." Justine explained.

"Yes, well," he said eyeing her as he walked away. "Like I said brass ring or bust."

Episode Fifty-One: A Girl Like You

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