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Episode 496: Then Again

Michael happily snuffed out the romantic candlelight and set a third place at the table while Curran brought Lucy’s belongings in from her car. She might have found his easy acceptance of this girl crashing his seduction party suspicious; if she wasn’t too busy being pleased with the situation to give his reaction real thought.

Of course, Michael wouldn’t wish for anyone’s eviction from their home, especially a young pregnant woman. In this case though, it was a fortuitous event. Another person hanging around had to make it easier to stop herself from jumping naked onto Curran any time he turned those eyes on her.

Even more importantly, Lucy’s presence offered the kind of assurance Michael yearned for.

She’d suffered too many disappointments, with every home test, with every effort to experience motherhood, to have it all as the media liked to taunt women like her. She found it so difficult, so frightening to hope that this would really happen. That Lucy would really, in the end, give her the baby. Someone would call her mom.

Lucy’s frequent visits lately had been encouraging. The girl had to be serious to spend so much time with them, to ask so many questions and seemingly like their answers well enough to keep coming back with more questions day after day. Still that wasn’t anywhere near as encouraging, as reassuring as Lucy coming to them in her time of need. If she trusted them that much, maybe she really would trust them with her baby.

After dinner, with that very happy thought singing in her heart, Michael stripped the mattress Curran had been sleeping on in the guestroom and made up the bed with fresh girly linens for Lucy. Then she helped the young woman unpack her things, adding several items of her own around the room, eager to make the space feel like a cozy home.

Lucy told her repeatedly not to fuss; she hated to be a bother. Michael didn’t consider fussing over her the least bit of a bother. She liked fussing, liked being maternal more than she ever would have guessed during those years she’d focused on building her P.R. firm. When Curran walked in with an extra blanket, she wondered if he hadn’t been so accommodating towards a third-wheel moving in out of his own newfound paternal feelings. Within seconds though, she knew his true motivation. Realized Lucy moving in had its definite drawbacks.

Episode 497: Crying Shame

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