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Episode 495: You Might Think

"Oh," Lucy said as Curran’s wife far too enthusiastically ushered the third-wheel into their home on Valentine’s Day. The night for lovers. Not intruders.

A sparkle came into the girl’s eyes, taking in the romantic scene he’d set for a night alone with his wife. "I’m sorry, you have plans, I shouldn’t have just dropped by like this."

Curran forced a friendly smile as he nodded his agreement. She’d dropped by far too often since the day he’d moved back home. Not that he didn’t like the girl, or love that her visits meant Michael couldn’t pull away from his caresses in too abrupt a manner without raising suspicion from the woman who was choosing them to parent her child. But it was all the more difficult for those caresses to go further, for him to seduce his wife, when there were constant interruptions to his progress.

"Don’t be silly, we’re always happy to see you," his wife told Lucy, while he thought it somewhat the opposite. "Why don’t you stay for dinner?"

The fact that the only love of his life clearly felt the need for a chaperone, made Curran even more determined for her not to have a chaperone. "It’s Valentine’s Day, sweetheart, I’m sure Lucy understands that I want you all to myself tonight."

"I do," the girl said, only tears suddenly brimmed her eyes. "I really am sorry for barging in like this. If I’d thought about tonight being… It’s just… I’ve been evicted and I, I don’t have anywhere-"

"You’ll stay here," Michael offered without hesitation.

"Absolutely," Curran said, fully intending to add a not to that, though just in time it struck him that having Lucy move in would actually be to his benefit.

Episode 496: Then Again

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