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Episode 494: Longest Days

Michael didnít usually work on Sundays. But the last thing sheíd wanted was to spend the most romantic day of the year at home. With her husband. It was hard enough being there with him on normal days, being a target for his smiles, his touches, the longing in his eyes.

She really didnít need the hearts and arrows of Valentineís Day added to the heady mix.

She really didnít need this the minute she walked in the door. An intimate table set with candlelight and orchids. Champagne chilling. Her favorite music playing in the background. Her husband looking insanely good in a hokey kiss the cook apron. Her, wanting to kiss him.

Instead, as he slid her bag off her arm and the jacket off her shoulders, she snapped, "What is this?"

"Valentineís dinner."

"Iím not your valentine."

Curran frowned at her crossed arms and equally cross expression. Why wouldnít she just give in already? Sharing their house without sharing their bed was pure torture. For her as much as for him. He heard her toss and turn every night. Felt her breath catch whenever his body not so accidentally brushed hers. Saw the heat in her eyes.

Yet she continued to protest.

Well, not for much longer, Curran vowed to himself, to the desire burning through his body as his eyes took in her insanely kissable lips, and her formerly welcoming hips, tantalizingly hugged by her skirt. Things were going to work out for them. Starting with a romantic dinner for two.

The doorbell rang though, and to Curranís extreme dismay, his wife didnít hesitate to answer it.

Episode 495: You Might Think

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