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Episode Forty-Nine: Sacrifice

"What goes through that darling head of yours Adria Darlene? Your sister and I were not put on this earth for your amusement;" Katherine fumed, dropping her purse on the table.

"This is stupid, youíre the ones acting like babies and I get yelled at," Adria replied, racing upstairs to her bedroom, though not nearly as distressed as she pretended to be.

Katherine allowed herself to collapse onto the couch. Justine will have been married for a year this August and she had no idea what this new life of her daughterís was all about. She looked as beautiful as ever, though her hair was cut short whereas they used to have the same style. She put her hand on the receiver, but it rang before she had the chance to make any use of it.

"Hey Kat, I thought Iíd call and make sure that Adria made it to her tutoring session," Phillip said and listened impatiently as his wife answered. "How could you not know? Sheís either home or sheís not,"

"I told you I donít know, maybe she came downstairs, maybe she didnít," Katherine replied, quite prepared to hang up on him.

"Glad to know my wife is on top of things, Iíll have more chance of hearing about Adria on the evening news," he snarled.

"Would you like to know what your daughter did? She arranged for Justine and I to meet up at lunch and then she watched the fireworks with glee,"

The line was dead for several seconds. "Iíll call the tutor and rearrange the session if I have to; she canít afford to slack off with those grades."

The phone slammed in Katherineís ear and she lay down on the sofa, tightly shutting her eyes.

Episode Fifty: Someone Else's Dream

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