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Episode 489: It's All Understood

Their breathing gradually slowed to a normal rate. His face withdrew from the crook of his neck where she’d reveled in his tasting her, in his inhaling her like there was no purer air to be had.

Though their bodies remained decadently warm and languid, they turned their spines on one another.

Katherine closed her eyes. It didn’t stop a tear from sliding down her cheek, followed by another.

After the way he’d kissed her, the way he’d touched her only moments ago, it seemed particularly cruel that she should feel so alone now. Beside him.

"Kath," Phillip quietly said, nothing more, nothing less, just her name softly carrying across the heavy silence. Until that moment neither had spoken, they’d just let their midnight kiss lead straight from the New Year’s party to their bed.

She turned, pressed her naked body to his back, let her palms slide over his front, down his abdomen, still impressively muscled after all these years.

His hand covered hers.

Her lips brushed his shoulder, tasted the salt on his skin.

He kept caressing her fingers in his.

It was all understood.

That he finally believed nothing had happened. That she was sorry she’d made it so hard for him to believe that. That they’d made this bed together.

Episode 490: One Bad Apple

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