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Episode 490: One Bad Apple

With their son Paul finishing graduate school, between his classes and studying, Sarette and her husband saw little of him. She liked to believe that’s why she hadn’t noticed anything amiss, not because she’d been too consumed by her own issues, with keeping her secrets and tempting herself with them.

Then again, if she hadn’t let herself be tempted into that brief visit with her first love and their grown daughter on Christmas Eve, maybe, without Avalon, she wouldn’t have looked that much closer at her boy over the holidays.

Not that taking a closer look had really helped. She already had enough worries on her plate with those secrets and temptations. She’d no desire to add another to her list. But there had been a hint of melancholy behind her son’s eyes, she just hadn’t pinpointed what, yet.

Since it wasn’t really in Sarette’s nature to upset the applecart unless she had no choice, it wasn’t until most of January and a family dinner had passed that concern triumphed fear and she blurted, "Is something wrong, Paul?"

"I’m fine. Why would you think I’m not?"

Because your sister told me, Sarette nearly replied, but caught herself, knowing how wrong she would be to mention at her family dinner that one family member was missing, her daughter, not her husband’s. A daughter who didn’t really know Paul, who’d read him wrong, and who’d led Sarette to read things that weren’t there either. He was fine. He’d said so.

Episode 491: Coming Home

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