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Episode 488: Time

"Hmm?" Katherine asked, suddenly aware she’d missed an entire chunk of conversation, in particular a question aimed directly at her. She’d like to blame too much New Year’s Eve cheer, but one glance at her champagne flute, showed barely a sip missing.

She’d like to blame the ballroom’s sparkling décor, the elaborate chandelier, and elegant silver decorations for catching her eye, but no, she hardly noticed them.

She sent a discreet frown her distraction’s way. He sailed one right back at her. The nerve. Even wore, after all these years, all these arguments, he still looked heart stopping in a tuxedo. And out of one.

Katherine turned the frown on herself. What was the point in picturing Phillip naked? They hadn’t touched one another in months. Hadn’t kissed. Never spoke unless they had no choice. All over something she hadn’t done! He wasn’t about to forgive her for the perceived indiscretion. And she wasn’t about to forgive him for the accusation. They were mired in a stalemate.

They weren’t even ringing in the New Year’s together. Oh, sure, they were attending the same party, they’d dressed in the same bedroom, driven there in the car, but they weren’t together. She was drumming up financial interest in her clinic, he, in his various companies, avoiding one another.

They couldn’t avoid one another any longer though. Or at least, they couldn’t, and keep up appearances. Goodness knew keeping up appearances was all fire important to them. Therefore, when that question aimed at her happened to be, "aren’t you going to go find your husband?" She had no choice; she went to Phillip.

Actually, he met her. Half way across the room. The same, I’ll grin and bare this irritation in their expressions as the countdown commenced. The same explosive heat the moment midnight struck and their lips touched.

Episode 489: It's All Understood

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