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Episode 485: Grown Up Christmas List

"Wow," Sebastian said when he opened the door.

Ava skidded to a stop beside him, not sure what to say or feel about her biological parents groping on the doorstep.

The pair in question popped apart. "Iím sorry," her birth mom said, noticeably breathless and flushed, fluster in her voice. "I did not mean for that to happen."

Of course not, Avalon thought, crossing her arms, Sarette didnít mean for anything that happened with Calvin Baird to have happened. She just swept it all away as if it never had.

"Iím sorry," Sarette repeated. "You invite us over on Christmas Eve, a family day, and Iím practically committing adultery on your doorstep."

A family day? Avaís spine stiffened. "I didnít invite you for Christmas Eve. I justÖ" She didnít want to interfere, but this concern, this feeling for her sort of brother wouldnít go away. "Your son, Paul, seemed really upset about something when we saw him at the beach house. I canít shake it. Thatís all. I just wanted to know if everythingís okay with him."

"He seems fine, thank you for asking," Sarette said and looked to Calvin. "So thatís all, then."

Disappointment shone in their eyes as they turned away, down the steps. Part of Ava yearned to stop them, the little girl inside her that thought dreamily of having not only a mom at Christmas again, but a dad, now, too. The rest of her, was afraid, didnít know if she should, if that wouldnít feel like a betrayal to her motherís memory, if she wouldnít be setting herself up for another loss since Sarette did not intend to be her mom in public.

Sebastian still had no idea what to do about his own parents, but when Avaís dad turned back, his and Saretteís gifts in hand to leave with their daughter, Bas realized if he extended the invite, Ava could share a little of her holiday with them, let them in a little more, test the emotional waters without having to commit. "Itís Christmas Eve, I always invite visitors in on Christmas Eve, itís a superstition thing."

Ava sailed him a weary look. She squeezed his hand, too.

Episode 486: The Holly & The Ivy

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