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Episode 486: The Holly & The Ivy

Christmas morning, with a chilly day dawning through the apartment window, snow swirling, icicles dangling from power lines, Lila woke, blissfully snuggled in bedding and her husband’s arms.

His eyes slowly opened, and his smile fast matched hers. They shared a kiss ever so sweet before the boys burst into the room and piled on top of the bed, bouncy with excitement to tear into their gifts.

Lila couldn’t quite believe that this was her life, that she had one of those real families she’d watched on sitcoms growing up; that she’d actually managed to stay married for an entire month, there wasn’t any end in sight yet.

"Merry Christmas," her husband said to her, grinning and laughing around their sons.

"Very," Lila replied. The best ever.

"I don’t want you here," Michael said, turning from the open doorway, from her sort of husband. She pressed one hand to her forehead; the other hugged her fluffy violet robe. "The last thing I want for Christmas is you, here."

"Why did you leave the door open then?" His fingers ever so lightly danced over her hip, his scent wrapped around her. "Why did you leave it open for me to walk right through?"

Why, oh, why? "I don’t know, okay," she admitted, her voice cracking. "I need time alone. I need to talk myself out of this baby."

"No, you don’t," Curran insisted, sliding his arm around her, nuzzling her neck. "We can do this. We can be together like we’re supposed to be. You can be a mom. You can have what you most want for Christmas. We both can."

Episode 487: Save Tonight

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