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Episode 484: Joy To The World

Strolling up the snow-dusted walk, Calvin Baird studied the haphazardly wrapped box in his hands. The ribbon had somewhat shredded when he’d tried the scissor trick to curl it that some woman on TV had performed with ease. The paper filled with dancing snowmen was probably too juvenile for a grown woman, but it might make her smile even before she discovered the first edition inside. When he’d bought the book, and the wrapping paper, all he could think of was giving his little grown up girl something that would bring a smile to her face. He hadn’t dared hope he’d actually be there to see her smile. To finally have his first Christmas with his daughter.

"I was going to leave this anonymously on her doorstep," he said, grinning at Sarette. "I couldn’t believe it when you called."

"I couldn’t believe it when she called and asked me to stop by on Christmas Eve afternoon," Sarette said, feeling as sunny as Cal obviously did. She felt even happier for him than herself.

Cal froze as they reached the top step, his smile seriously faltered. "You’re sure she wants me here to?"

To have invited Sarette over on such an important day for families, Ava had to be close to forgiving her. So surely, when Avalon saw Cal again, this time she’d be ready to embrace him. None of this had been his fault. He hadn’t chosen not to be Ava’s father. Sarette had taken that choice away. She had a lifetime to make up to him. "Ava wants you here."

In a flash, Cal’s grin, the one she’d fallen head over heels in love with so many years ago, returned and he pulled her into a full-blooded kiss. Sarette did not intend to make that much up to him. She was a married woman now. She wasn’t that girl prone to melting in Cal’s arms. Yet that was exactly what happened to her. Pure liquid.

Episode 485: Grown Up Christmas List

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