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Episode 481: When I Think Of You

The wedding march. A snowy aisle strewn with rose petals. Her maid of honor, her enemy who’d gone out of her way to be a friend the last twenty-four hours. This was actually happening. Unbelievable.

There were her boys, all decked out. There was her groom. The most handsome guy with a heart that wouldn’t quit. No matter how many reasons she’d given him to.

Unless… What was he doing? Why was he stalking up the aisle? Had he come to his senses? Had he gotten one look at his bride and decided he was making the biggest mistake of his life? Remembered the countless ways she’d cruelly cut him over the years.

She deserved this. There was no denying that.

She reached out, grabbed his hand, locked in with all her might, so determined not to let him go, that she was utterly shocked when, with pain etched into his features, he asked, "Where are you going? Why is your foot turned?"

"You’re accusing me of running away?" She asked with all due incredulity.

"Aren’t you?"

"Aren’t you?"

"Me. Why would I go anywhere? Marrying you is what I’ve wanted for the majority of my life. Whereas you," Bowie said with a heavy scowl, "your foot is turned."

"Because my knees are mush. When I realized this was going to happen, when I saw all this, the boys, and you… I thought, I actually didn’t mess this up, it’s a miracle, I’ve got myself a real family and I get to kiss my husband… turning my foot was all I could do to keep standing."

"We’re really getting married today," Bowie marveled, the most dazzling grin bursting out on his face.

"Not if you keep smiling that way, it’s not helping the knee situation. I do have to walk up the aisle, you know, somehow."

"Well, if for once that’s all that’s stopping us," Bowie teased, and scooped her up into his arms.

Episode 482: All At Once

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