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Episode 482: All At Once

Michael perched on the edge of the sofa cushion. Curran’s hand came up, drawing tiny circles on the small of her back, generating the old heat she wasn’t in any humor to feel. She didn’t know what he thought was happening here, but it was not that. Or maybe it was.

No. She didn’t want that. She didn’t want to start over with a serial cheat. With a guy who thought he could smooth it all over with his adoring puppy eyes, his expert hands, and a baby.

She was here though. Beside him. Opposite this pregnant college student. A young woman looking for a mother for her baby.

"You’re sure?" Michael asked. She’d gotten her hopes up too many times through the old-fashioned method, and through IVF. She shouldn’t have come here. Let Curran hurt her again.

"I don’t have a career yet, I only just grew up myself, I don’t know that I could offer a baby everything they need right now. And my boyfriend, if he even is that anymore…" She drove a hand through her light copper bob and put on a brave smile. "I know this is the best thing I could do, find my baby a good home."

Michael’s heart climbed and climbed until it spilled out of her lips. "I would love your baby with every fiber of my being."

"You can stop searching," Curran assured Lucy. "You won’t find a better home than the one we’ll provide." He took Michael’s hand.

She slid him a look. He had to be out of his mind if he thought this was the way this would work. Fine, yes, he’d brought her here. He’d introduced her to this wonderful opportunity. He owed her that much, to say the least. But she would be the good home provider. Not we. No way.

"Well, we still have a lot to talk about," Lucy hedged. "But a two parent household is definitely one of the most important factors on my checklist."

Episode 483: Merry Christmas Baby

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