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Episode 476: Uninvited

The closer Paul Jordan’s car came to his destination, the more his expectations grew, as if by walking through that door or along that stretch of sand, his life would suddenly be as uncomplicated as it always had been there. He wouldn’t have this major decision weighing on his heart.

He’d never been to his family’s beach house after Labor Day. He’d never been there alone. And apparently he wasn’t about to start now.

Paul cut the engine on his car. He didn’t recognize the other car, and his mind wasn’t in a sensible enough place to sit tight and wait on the police. Paul had too many worries stabbing at him to think clearly. At least he could spare his mother some disappointment. No one would get away with her beloved heirlooms.

Paul grabbed the tennis racket from the truck of his car. Huh? The lock on the front door wasn’t busted or even open. He relaxed as he let himself inside, thinking that someone had just parked there to take a stroll on the beach.

A moment later though, as he slipped off his shoes in the foyer, Paul caught a glimpse of something from the corner of his eye. His heart rate accelerated and he sprinted into the hall, tennis racket raised to strike… a cat?

Half way up the stairs, the excessively cuddly looking little thing turned her head, returned Paul’s confused stare, and continued on her way.

Paul took the stairs double-time, no clue how the stray had found its way into the house, but determined she wouldn’t stay and make a litter box of his mother’s favorite-- Laughter peeled through the door of a spare bedroom where the cat was clearly headed. What the hell kind of thieves brought their cat along as a really lousy lookout, Paul wondered, as, racket at the ready, he burst in on them. In bed.

Episode 477: All At Once

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